Immanuel Lutheran Church


         Worship services are Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m.

Communion is served every Sunday.

Educational opportunities are provided through the programs at Bethlehem.


Immanuel  was organized in 1925 and for the first year worship services were held in the afternoons at the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. In 1926 a parsonage was built and for the next twenty years services were held in the parsonage basement. This may have compromised the privacy of the pastor and his family, but they could at last worship at their own timetable.


A building program was started in 1945 and the new church was completed in the fall of 1948. Members of the congregation had drawn up the plans and most of the labor was donated.  The total cost was slightly over $2,200.  As the years passed, the membership declined and in 1970 began a working relationship as a two-point parish with St. John Lutheran Church of Ellis. Pastor Norman Nelson was the first pastor to serve the duel call.


Immanuel remained a two-point parish until Pastor John Binder retired in August of 2000 and discussions began with other area congregations to explore the needs of the issue of Pastoral care.

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