Ordination with Bishop for WebpageWords of Faith ~ Pastor Kim Frederking

    It is June.  the seasonal activities of summer are now ramping up and our calendars are beginning to fill with reunions, family vacations, ballgames, camping trips, fishing and golf, swimming and gardening.  Lost to the sun and the heat and the calendar is weekly worship.  Summer is viewed as a time to let gathering with the faithful for worship take a less favorable standing on the calendar than "just relaxing" by the pool, with friends, around family.  Now, do not get me wrong, these events are important, especially having just lived through the isolation and distance Covid 19 wrought upon our world and relationships.  However, what would happen if we would intentionally consider incorporating worship within our Sunday schedules this summer?


    I would suggest that more than relaxing on Sundays, you might find real "rest" participating in worship as part of your day.  I know that sounds churchy to some, and so it should.  Real rest, holy rest, is a gift from God.  It was created with the beginning of all creation; on the seventh day, God rested.  There is something to be said for resting in God's presence among others doing the same.  Your community of faith is encouraged and lifted up by your presence among them.  Corporately you share in the confession of faith, experiencing a unity of heart and spirit the world does not understand or acknowledge often enough.  Together you pray for the church, the world, and all in need trusting in God's loving presence, justice, and mercy.  God's voice speaks and the Holy Spirit works faith in you as you listen to the Holy Scriptures and hear and receive the proclamation of the Gospel through preaching.  Comfort comes to the harassed heart and spirit in speaking the words of confession and hearing God's words of forgiveness and grace.  In this holy rest is experienced.


    The rest comes as you take time to sit, stand, sing, pray, eat, all in the presence of God.  The noise and busyness of the ordinary life is left behind the doors you enter as you reorient yourself to the Creator God who loves you.  The God who loves you beyond the ordinary declares, through the Son, "Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest."  Enter the sanctuary, take a seat, and then take a deep breath!  Breathe in God's presence, peace, rest.  As the broken being healed, as the distraught being calmed, as the exhausted finding rest, as the hopeless finding hope, you gather with others just like you to worship the God who loves...you.


    Rest found in worship centers you in Christ and directs your life by the heart of God in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.  The world in which you return following worship is revealed once again as no ordinary world.  It is God's kingdom brought into being through your rest, heart, peace, action, and hope shared with the lonely, sick, poor, and hopeless; all in the name of Jesus.  May your summer calendar find you active in mission and resting in the presence of the Triune God and your family of faith.  ~ Pastor Kim

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