Prairie Faith Shared Ministry

“Be gathered into one in You”

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We love having visitors at our worship services as well! We encourage visitors to introduce themselves to the pastor after the worship service! We have three congregations and  worship with a variey of styles and liturgies. We encourage you to find out more about our congregations, check the pull down menu for specific information about each church and their activities. Hope to see you in worship soon.

Prairie Faith Shared Ministry operates with a staff which currently consists of one Pastor (called by each congregation of PFSM), Interim Pastors, lay leaders, pulpit supply, a Parish Nurse, one Administrative Assistant and many dedicated volunteers. This staff working together provides for and oversees the Pastoral and administrative ministry of the shared ministry.

Our Pastors and pulpit supply rotate into different congregations. This is done to establish a working relationship between the Pastors, pulpit supply and all of the congregations of PFSM, as well as between the members of our congregations. Joint congregational worship services are held at various times during the year to provide fellowship between all of our members.